Certificate of Dryness

Certificate of Dryness

Certificate of Dryness

Certification of dryness is often required by your insurance company to sign off a drying project.

Whether your house has been flooded, a pipe has burst and caused water damage, or you have had a rain water leak; whatever the cause of your water damage, your insurance will likely request you get an independent certificate of dryness. Thermal Imaging Surveys save on costs, as the path of water or the damp map can be located/ traced through thermographic inspection, providing essential information as to the spread of water and the extent of the water damage. This, in turn, can facilitate the quantification of damage for insurance and structural drying purposes, and assist with point specific repair works negating interference with unaffected surfaces.

Certificate of Dryness Survey

As IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technicians and IICRC Applied Structural Drying Technicians, we offer drying certificates following a certificate of dryness survey. The survey does not take particularly long and can normally be done without any further disruption to the building.

A certificate of dryness should be complied with the IICRC S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Water Damage Restoration. We offer friendly, free advise, and a low cost certification service. We are the cheapest IICRC S500 Certification of Dryness Company company in London and we operate all over the UK.

Certificate of Dryness Report

A certificate of dryness or a dryness report provides a record of the recorded average moisture content (across the affected material within the affected area vs. comparative materials and areas unaffected) at the time of the survey. This can be used to mark the end of a drying project, as well as provide proof that materials are ready to be covered over; the property is ready to be restored.

Your insurance may ask you for a certificate of dryness. You may wish to have a drying certificate to show that a problem has been resolved, or so that you can begin to put things back to normal following a flood or leak.

We are often asked to attend to prove that a property has not been dried properly and that dehumidifiers have been removed too early, that drying needs to continue before remediation, or even that there is still an ongoing water damage problem. New home buyers are also common clients.

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